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1.2        EnviCulture Relevant Experience. 3

1.3        Partners and Associates 5

2      EnviCulture BUSINESS. 6

2.1        Vision. 6

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1.1            Overview

EnviCulture - a registered non profit making with its head office in Kyela, Tanzania provides economic development and advocacy services to support environmental and cultural tourism enhancement in Tanzania. Over years, EnviCulture worked with grassroots entities and self help groups on exploiting environmental, cultural and tourism opportunities and participate actively in the social, cultural and economic development.


EnviCulture interventions are in several broad services and product categories. These are:


·       Capacity building

·       Cultural and tourism research and development

·       Capturing and disseminations of natural resources information

·       Environment, tourism and cultural sectors development, 

·       Training solutions for on the job application

·       Alternative source of energy development

·       HIV Aids awareness

·       Gender participation


For EnviCulture, the client relationship is paramount.  EnviCulture works tirelessly to meet customer expectations, clarify the purpose and process of engagements, and assess satisfaction levels.  We create consummate project teams and ensure systematic communication among team members.  Above all, we make certain that contract terms are met, that flexibility is demonstrated in the way client needs are responded to, and that communication with the client is continuous and seamless.


1.2            EnviCulture Relevant Experience


Tree Planting- 2007 - 2009

EnviCulture has been participating on various tree planting projects as Environmental Conservation. This project aimed at emphasizing the establishment of plantations planted  with fast growing species in schools, villages, open spaces that would serve as an alternative source of  raw materials, energy  while producing pressure on natural forests and source to sink all green house gases.


EnviCulture was responsible (i) to establish tree nurseries and prepare land for planting, (ii) Establish pilot block plantations and (iii) Sensitize the nearby villagers to participate on the project. EnviCulture planted 3,000 trees on the Mount Livingstone, 30,000 trees in different primary and secondary schools, 100,000 trees in different open spaces and side roads for shade, garden and decorations.



Drama Group 2006 - 2010

   EnviC ulture formed drama groups comprised with young people,   fired     with enthusiasm to do something unique and dynamic for on stage performance in festivals and exhibitions at large. Enviculture Drama group formed by 19 artists who sensitize the public to Cultural Tourism and Environmental Conservation in Kyela. We also work with 13 different groups from different villages, the groups’ travels to various villages in Kyela to give presentations. We intend to develop the group to the point of creating audio cassettes, video cassettes and DVDs, for income-generating purposes. The main focus of the arts and culture program in Tanzania is to promote a creative expression and  strengthen the independent cultural dances, arts, crafts, festivals, exhibitions, pottery, book and film sectors for sustainability.


Arts & Crafts

EnviCulture encourages its members as well as other residents of Kyela’s towns and villages to use the resources surrounding them (eg. Bamboo, clay, etc) to create art-pieces for sale. This work is intended to revive their creativity preserve culture and move them from financial dependence to sustainability. It also has the effect of keeping residents (including youth) occupied and away from destructive activities such as drug, alcohol, and sex abuse, activities which can endanger their own lives as well as those of others. 


EnviCulture will use a broad definition of the arts and culture, including activities in the spheres of artistic and cultural production, distribution, debate and exchange, without differentiating between "low" and "high" arts or "academic" arts and "popular" culture. For EnviCulture, local traditional art forms, urban popular art, mass commercial culture and academic artistic productions all have their specific qualities. Central, from the perspective of the earlier mentioned objectives, are independent artists and their organizations, cultural centres, art schools, publishers, art festivals, etc.-that are primarily motivated by the communicative and critically reflective role of the arts and culture. EnviCulture will remain open to all sorts and combinations of disciplines :the performing arts, the visual arts, film and literature, and new forms of creative expression that use ICT and new media. While recognizing the critical, thought-provoking role of the arts, will not regard art and culture as "instruments" or as a nice package for the communication of a certain message, as of  the case in the development sector. While giving extra attention to specific issues and themes important for reflection and debate ( EnviCulture will respect the independent position of artists and cultural workers.)






Products for Sale

In addition to developing and promoting Kyela’s tourist attractions, we also provide market linkages for souvenirs, hand-made by our members and other groups.  The products for sell include mats woven from banana leaves, wood carvings of jungle animals, products such as mugs made from bamboo, clay sculptures, and more.  Currently, we are supporting artists to use our office as a selling centre for their produce, we also facilitate exhibitions, festival and competitions in the country, and in the future we plan to link them to the international market. 


The main idea of this is to expose the artists to Kyela itself, the country as a whole and international market to create source of income to liveli hood of villagers.



EnviCulture offers tours around the Kyela District, as well as the neighbouring districts Tukuyu, Ileje, Makete and Mbeya.  Tours can also be organized for regions in the northern circuit, including the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Arusha National Park, Katavi, Mahale, Gombe, Mikumi national parks and Selous Game Reserves.


Our guides are trained by our organization to cater to clients’ needs.  Our tours include visits to the beaches of Lake Nyasa (Malawi) which are classic, river waterfalls, and other geographical features with the culture and traditions, tribal cultural dances like kibhota, ing'oma ,mang'orong'ondo, magosi, samba historical areas, bird-watching, and an appreciation of nature in general. 


Each tour includes a major attraction as well as visits to nearby villages.  The options for transportation are walking, cycling, or motor vehicle (motorcycle or car), depending on the distance, and the client’s preference.


The tour may be half day, full day, or overnight, depending on the specific tour and the client’s preference. Accommodation could be in lodges or cultural hygienic homes.   


1.3            Partners and Associates










Executive Director

Luwada  is a local Non Profit









Regional Manager

We worked on the Songwe river project








Kyela District Council

District Forest Officer

Our Environmental Consultant










Local Not for Profit







    2             EnviCulture BUSINESS

2.1            Vision

By the end of 2025 participating households will have sufficient income to sustain their livelihood.

2.2            Mission Statement

To increase income by 100% to villagers by 2015 through improved environmental and cultural activities

2.3            Areas of Focus

To strengthening the capacity of villagers on Environmental Conservation, Cultural Tourism, gender mainstreaming, HIV Aids awareness and economic development.

2.4            Target groups

Rural youths, women, children, men, people involved in drug/alcohol/ sex workers and time abuse, orphans, widows and disabled.


2.5            Members

220 Members (dancers, choir singers, environmentalists, arts and craft men and women). 5 Management team (Managing director, Financial controller, cultural advisor/manager, environmental conservation advisor,  policy advocacy officer and field assistant)




















3.1            Our Team


Profile of Our Consultants



Newton Mwakabambo – Managing Director

Newton has been in the Environment, Culture and Tourism Industry from 1995-1997 as an employee with Ker and Downey a U.S based company, 1997-1998  Kibo Safaris, 1998-2000 Freelance Tour Guiding, 2000 2004 registered and ran his own Tour Company Newton Safaris and 2004 started the mission of starting the Kyela Envirocare and Cultural Tourism and registered it in 2006.


The idea of starting this organization came after having been in the industry for sometime he experienced tourist coming to Tanzania more than once and wanting to see something different from the animals and this led to wanting to meet the people of the country in their cultural home.


A Dutch NGO in Arusha named SNV started the Cultural Tourism Program in Arusha and Newton saw how the rural people benefited from it. And from that experience came the thought of wanting to do the same in his home area where poverty was and still is a problem and this would be a way take the rural people out of it to certain extent after a certain time. 

Romana Mwanjabala – Financial and Administrative Manager

Romana worked as Financial and administrative manager responsible on management of administrative matters and finance functions of the organisation. She is qualified accountant and experience banker for more than 25 years worked with NBC and worked as a Current Account supervisor 1974-1979,Foreign Exchange, Bills cash and correspondence 1979-1990, Branch Accountant 1990-1994 and Branch Manger 1994-1998.


Romana is resourceful in helping EnviCulture to solicit funds and manage as well as support administrative part of organisation.

Mathew Kifutumo – Cultural Technical Manager

Mathew is an experienced cultural technical manager with diploma of Arts and Social Science from Bagamoyo. He has 4 years experience working with Kyela District Council as Ward Education Coordinator.


Aswile Fumbo  Environmental Conservation Manager

Fumbo has a Diploma in Forestry and has worked as a forester for 22 years as a District Forest Officer with different District councils in Tanzania.

Susan Mintz (Canadian Volunteer) Tourism Advisor

Susan has a degree in Math and Computers.  She has volunteered in India and in Ghana.  She is currently working as a volunteer teacher in Kyela, Tanzania.




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